The Tree of Life

I have been experimenting with different ways i can develop my designs, and with a week off from work i took to my Art Studio.

This is named The Tree of Life the hand representing the life, the branches giving it life. I loved watching this coming into life with the play of colours, content at the finial outcame.

I am now considering other ways i can use the concept of using my hands, my visions are endless, excited to begin the next project.



Just recently we lost an amazing man to the dreaded cancer , diagnosed then 4 weeks later passed away. Then wait 4 weeks to his funeral where the grieving begins again. It will strange not having him around listening to his good advice and friendly banter. This man was my father in law , grandfather to my children and father to my husband.

I started this when he was fist diagnosed my expression of how i was feeling at the news . At the time i called it Sorrow the lillies representing the soul of the departed, they also represent chasity and virture in some cases. Contained in the picture the tears flow downwards to represent the familys tears of the news we recieved.

I finially finished this design 4 weeks after his diagnosis, where they normally take me around 2 weeks to complete. With our constant trips to the hospital and eventually attending his bed side the completion became delayed.

I finially completed this design a day after he passed away , it was if it was destined to be that way. His life ended and so finially the design did to, a fitting tribute to an amazing man.

Into something beautiful

I picked up an old dirty frame from a charity / thrift shop and realised that with a little love and attention i could spring some life into this saddened piece

So sanded the frame and cleaned of the grime with half white vinegar to water, which brought the colouration of the wood below all that dirt. Then proceded to varnish the front and back

Had replace the glass frontage and back board, the glass had been cleaned with a chemical which had frosted the glass badly. With which i designed a one of my pictures to be displayed inside.

The back now all replaced and resealed with new hanging attachments

And here is the finished item , so pleased how this all came together and now looks even better than before.

A stand still

There are times in your life when you stop and ponder why am i bothering, i do this quite often to myself. Then end up telling myself off not to think up such things and continue pushing forward.

My art room is now complete with everything all set up ready to for me to develop awe inspiring design’s. Then what do i do i sit and stare out of my picturesque window observing the world instead. But I will kick myself into gear and get motivated and develop something out of this space.

I guess after the excitement of it all my mind has now become a blank , so time to take myself out there. Out into this cold weather gaze at nature taking a moment to admire the world we live in.

Also i need to push myself futher forward into other people’s world. Not an easy feat i might add as your competing with thousands of other artists who are somewhat better than you

So my friends one step forward no steps back ,

And keep pushing forward

Inspiration and thoughtfulness

I have recently started to look into the meaning of flowers what it is that they truly represent. So upon that i created this……


Blue irises i have discovered have the meaning of hope and faith and just recently i have really needed this. What with family dramas surrounding me and life in general it is hard at times to keep the mind truly focussed. So i sat one day while pondering about life in general when a picture appered which i had to bring forward.

Then this got me pomdering when we buy gifts for people do we really think about the gift we give , or is it a case of yeah it looks ok that will do. Or do we really look and think yeah this person will know the true meaning behind what im saying here.

When we see objects in peoples homes that you may think what were they thinking displaying that or do we think why thats there.

Have we actully in life really questioned …….WHY……

Why does life always leads us in directions we really dont want to go but it works out in the end.

Why we have items that we hold so dear yet we really never questioned why we still hold on.

Why when someone gives you that special gift we never ask why it came about.

So i have began looking as to the meaning behind what we see everyday and think that is truly a special gift to admire.

Another year another dime

Another year has sprouted upon us and yet so far it feels no different than the last one. We make the same resolutions and promise yet we find hard to achieve them or even keep them.

So I decided upon no resolutions this way i will never have suffer the disappointments of not achieving them. So what does this year bring for me well I am still hoping for my art room to be up and running thought it does seem a slow process.

Next I need to promote myself more , spread the word that my work is for purchase and I’m open to commissions. Yeah and easy thing to say but your seeing a person who likes to hide in the shadows , but I am having to learn to break free of those fears.

So this year more recognition, more commissions and more promotion , I’m thinking I may need a miracle or a fairy godmother to tag along.

So whether you make resolutions or not let’s just hope that maybe this year is better that the last


This is a  piece I’ve been working on not my normal route I do but I’m trying to expand my normal peraminters.

Which I’m pretty pleased how it actually all came together towards the end as was a bit dubious on how it was going to all come together.

Saying that I am really pleased how it finally all fell into place.