Are you serious

I often read on  other people post on numerous other social media sites and some of their quotes and rants often make me chuckle or pure just rage. The other day whilst browsing as you do on the numerous art groups i am on . When someone posts how their fed up with the numerous commissions  they are forced to.

Seriously !!!!!!!

Then other artists were agreeing along with this quote and I thought are you crazy.

Do you know the hard work  I have to do to sell my designs when I get a commission I rejoice because  I know I have some income coming in. I would love to be over run with commissions please if you dont want them throw them my way I wont complain. 

Ok we also do what were doing  because we love the buzz when you complete something.  That pleasure you have when you look at that final piece of work, pleased with the outcome. Unfortunately at the end of the day we all have bill’s to pay, materials to purchase. So commissions at the end of the day serve their purpose to create an income for yourself , you grab them when you can as we all get dry spells. 

So dont moan at your commissions but rejoice with a smile as without those you find it hard to continue with the thing you love doing


My Rant

Oh my goodness I don’t know how many have actually encountered this issue on other social media sites. It seems to me it happens to many people I have discovered over these many past months. 

Money scammers and the worst love scammers they are ultra of all lows, the ladies I have spoken to who have succumbed to these low lives. As for me I have to speak to people in case they are inquiring over my designs to purchase. The amount of requests for I tuned cards , Amazon cards etc is ridiculous they must think im rolling in the green stuff. The requests for loans with the promise to pay it back ( yeah right ) is stupid. 

The whole thing drives me insane and the storys they come up with the main one being their widowers with children, their soilders with frozen bank accounts to name a few.

I spoke to one lady who handed over 750 dollars to one man with a promise to spend her vacation time with him , well let’s just say he soon disappeared.

Word of warning take there lies with a pinch of salt and dont take it as reality as things are not all they seem to be.

As for me I dont fall for their story’s and soon as the requests start its time to say bye bye …….be careful out there

What a day

Well sold another picture this morning , trust me that’s excitement in itself. Don’t sell that many that are not exactly knocking down my door.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining each purchase is a bonus in itself as it  helps with my supplies to create.

I have started doing lettering with extra additions of course to the clients preference . I like doing these as they are slightly different to what I normally create. They are certainly different and I like the way they are turning out


Loved doing the guitar for this client as he is a musician and a gamer.

Hopefully I get to do some more of these

It’s a crazy world

Well I know from my own personally feelings that all artist would love to see their own paintings , designs or what media you do to see displayed up in lights or a gallery. I would love to have my designs displayed in a gallery or even an art shop that would be awesome too. Anyway I’m digressing here I must get to my point in question.

Well while whilst browsing social media scanning to see if any comments or likes had been added to my posts of my own designs when I came across a post that caught my eye. Someone was asking if anyone had made a go of their art later in life, which this caught my attention. As some of you may not know but I am on the verges of hitting 51 and yeah there are days I feel it. So I read on and began reading peoples comments below, there responses were quite interesting. The usual I do it as a hobby now I’ve retired and others just selling to friends and family typical stuff.

Then wowser this got my attention I lady was stating she had hers displayed in a gallery at the age of 56 , I thought you go girl….

Then the but ………

She has hers displayed but they take 50% of the price and she has to pay for any prints people want to purchase , framework and the postage and packaging . I thought hang on she is is mainly producing her pictures for nothing. She then states it’s costs her and she makes nothing in fact the gallery makes more than she does , but hey I have my pictures displayed.

I’m sorry I must be an idiot here or this is what gallery’s do , but seriously.

Then when they asked where she had discovered this so called gallery , and here is the dosser, whilst sitting in the doctors surgery while reading a magazine she saw an add.


The sad thing is everyone was saying well done and I’m thinking your an idiot……

I always assumed gallery’s displayed an art shop sells…….ok I know everyone wants to make a profit that’s life for you, but it starts costing the artist and causing a major loss to yourself is it time to rethink is this the best deal for me.

Sure your art work is being displayed

sure it’s in the art shop for the world to see

but when it causes hardship to yourself, then in my opinion it’s time to walk away and rethink. Is really worth all that just to say you have art displayed.

Or am I the one being not thinking straight here, all I ever ask for when selling my work not for me to make a vast profit but enough to pay for my supplies and and a small profit inbetween. So I don’t charge a vast amount for what I do and yeah were all out to make money,but to cause hardship to yourself is it really worth doing that.

Just to get your name in lights and your designs displayed after all, I draw because it’s my passion and yeah I do give some away just to see peoples faces light up that’s my buzz. But when it becomes no longer a passion . But a stresser and hardship then ask yourself it’s time to rethink.

Time to begin

Well I have began once again on a new design and strangely enough despite when completed I post them on numerous media sites . Hoping that someone just gives one like or one small comment I still realise I’m still very much doing this alone. My own home has numerous of my pictures displayed like a gallery throughout my home. Also I may be the only person who gets pleasure of admiring these pieces everyday. I guess in reality that is all that matters.

Ok I am not popular and in ways I except that fact friends don’t come easy to me. I am not surrounded by people or any best buddy’s all I have is my art is this a good thing, yeah I think so at times but sometimes it’s great to share with others.

So my folder maybe full of unnoticed art pieces and my walls covered in unnoticed works , yet my art is my companion and sometimes that is all a lot of us have. So I guess I will continue to be unnoticed until one day one person will realise I am here

Start anew

I have started a new project a large design this time , I have accomplished one of these before and took me 4 weeks to complete. I need to keep myself activated and I find doing these large designs quite time consuming but quite therapeutic.

Also at the moment I need to get motivated as I am converting the spare room into my own studio. Which trust me is really exciting as up to now, crouched on a sofa surround in boxes can be really frustrating. To have my new space means that I can spread out and not have to hunt the fineliners.

This will be next adventure in my wanna be an artist my own work space. Saying that I have sold a few of my designs which does pay for my supplies for future projects. I do realise I live in the real world and know that I won’t become some famous artist living off the procedes of my wares. All I seem to require at this moment in time is enough to pay for my supplies.

It would be great to be finally recognised for what I do and what I achieved so far in this adventure , so here goes for next year a new studio and maybe one of my designs to be displayed somewhere.

Yeah that would be a great achievement in itself.

Time for Passion

This is something i created it some what gives you an idea as to what i do, I tend to do mainly flowers but when i get an image in my head i just have to do it. This is typical of me quite spontaneous with some of my drawings.

This is called TIME FOR PASSION

Somehow I had the name in my head and then I had the image of what I wanted it to look like. I enjoyed doing this piece and love the way it turned out in the end.